The process of separation can be overwhelming and frightening, even when you and your partner are amicable.

In our experience, obtaining information from a family law solicitor provides you with the knowledge to empower you to make the right decisions.  An initial consultation can give you all the information you need about your options, not just in relation to parenting arrangements or financial entitlements, but also about how to approach issues and manage the situation with your partner. 

You will have lots of questions. We suggest that you don’t take advice from friends, family or colleagues who “have been through divorce”. Their experience and advice may not be realistic or relevant to your circumstances.  Every family, and every separation, is different.

We believe that with early intervention our practical legal advice helps clients be better informed about the separation process. Guidance is always useful, whether your separation is amicable or nasty. Don’t leave the outcome to chance. The right information will empower you to make better decisions and manage the transition with more clarity.

If you are thinking about a separation, or have already separated, contact us for advice about your rights and entitlements before agreeing to a financial settlement or arrangements for your children.