Property and Financial Settlements


Our specialist team can assist with the complete suite of financial matters including:

  • The family home

  • Investment properties and shareholdings

  • Trust, company and partnership structures

  • Rural and farming properties

  • Superannuation and Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

  • Debt – personal, investment or business

We can guide you in discussions with your partner and assist you to reach an agreement about a financial settlement. You can choose to have direct discussions with your partner or we can negotiate with your partner or their lawyer on your behalf.

Once an agreement is reached we will prepare the documents needed to finalise the property settlement so that you’re protected from unforeseen liabilities or further claims from your partner in the future.

Our team works hard to resolve all matters by agreement wherever possible. This minimises the cost to you (both financially and emotionally) and often gives you more control over the outcome. We will always offer practical guidance for your particular situation, giving you reasonable and realistic expectations.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible, or appropriate, to reach agreements in this way due to a partner taking an unrealistic position, refusing to negotiate or threatening to destroy or dispose of assets. In these circumstances, Family Court proceedings may be necessary. Our team has the skills and experience to represent you in the Family Court. We are strong advocates and will not shy away from achieving your best outcome. 

For more information about property and financial settlements, read our Director’s article on Linkedin.