The Family Law Act requires parties to be separated for 12 months before applying for a divorce. But you do not need to wait until you are divorced to settle your property and financial matters and make arrangements for the care of your children. In fact, we advise parties to settle financial matters sooner rather than later in most instances.

There are a variety of ways to apply for Divorce and we can advise you about your Application. Our team can support you to file a Divorce Application yourself. Alternatively, we can prepare the Divorce Application, serve it on your spouse and finalise the divorce process for you, including appearing in court on your behalf if necessary. 

Some Divorce Applications require additional documents, for example where you have continued to live together in the same home after separating. In these situations, we can prepare the supporting documentation and attend court to finalise your Application.

If your spouse has filed a Divorce Application, we can also help you to respond or oppose the Divorce Application if necessary.

For more information on matters of divorce, visit our FAQ.