Child and Parenting Arrangements

We know that if you have children, when you separate one of your first priorities will be to work out where your children will live and how they will spend time with each parent.  

In the past, people have used terms such as “custody” and “access”. Today the Family Law Act refers to children “living with” and “spending time with” each parent.  

There is no “normal” living or care arrangement post separation. Often a child lives mainly with one parent and spends time with the other parent. Sometimes a child spends equal time with each parent but you cannot assume that this will be the outcome in your case as different arrangements work for different families. In our experience, better outcomes for children can be achieved when parents are involved in negotiating their care.

What is best for your children is always the most important consideration and we will guide you with compassion and integrity to find the solution for your family. 

For more information on Children and Parenting Arrangements, read our Director’s article on Linkedin. You can also visit our FAQ.

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