How we work


Our passionate and caring team of family law professionals will carefully explain your options, your rights and entitlements in a language you can understand.

We aim to resolve most family law matters by agreement.  We are excellent negotiators and use mediation and negotiation as the first methods of resolution.   

When agreement is not possible, we will guide you through the court process and provide robust and experienced representation. If necessary, we can also point you in the right direction of other caring professionals who may assist at this time – accountants, financial advisors, real estate agents and counsellors.   

Our team of expert family law professionals are committed to empowering you with the information you need to take control and make informed decisions.

We aim for timely, cost effective resolutions. We will disclose our fees every step of the way and outline any cost implications of your various options.

Whether you’re married, a de facto or same sex couple, grandparents or other carers, we can assist you with your family law matter.

Call us today to speak to one our friendly staff, (07) 3342 0393.